Hardwood components and rough lumber

Champeau manufactures a large variety of hardwood components and rough lumber to meet your precise specifications and satisfy your highest quality standards. We constantly strive to innovate and look forward to meeting the new challenges of your business, now and in the future.

VacuBright hardwood components

VacuBright is a unique process exclusive to Champeau which certifies manufacturers of billiard and snooker cues, musical instruments and baseball bats that they are receiving the highest quality components in the industry.

Hardwood components

Our expertise combined with state of the art technology allows us to offer a wide variety of kiln dried products such as squares, dowels, dimension stock, edge-grained panels and end-grained panels.

Rough lumber

We also specialize in hardwood lumber and the manufacturing of pre-cut pallet stock. Our clients benefit from quality products and flexible delivery dates tailored to their individual needs.