Hard maple and white ash billiard and snooker cue components

billiard cue components

For more than 20 years, Champeau has been supplying quality hard maple and white ash components to billiard and snooker cue manufacturers. From timber selection to milling, we have worked throughout the years to streamline our operations. All of these improvements have contributed to the creation of our exclusive VacuBright™ process.

The following factors contribute to making the VacuBright™ process so unique

Hard maple and white ash of the highest quality. Canadian hard maple and white ash are renowned for their slow growth and high density. Our mill’s proximity to forests reduces the time between harvest and processing, thereby preserving the quality of the fiber.
Double-taper primary sawing. This technology allows for alignment with the natural grain of the wood. Only straight-grained white boards are selected for these components.
Pre-drying in a controlled environment. Protects and preserves freshly cut lumber, reducing damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight and other elements.
Vacuum drying. This unique process reduces oxidation, preserves the natural color of the wood fiber and delivers an impressive whiteness while providing unequalled straightness and stability.
28 criteria for wood component cutting. These include fiber straightness, color, and many other natural characteristics of hardwood.
Classification according to Champeau’s quality standards. Specially adapted to the billiard and snooker industry, our quality classification was developed specifically to meet the technical and economic market needs.

VacuBright certifies manufacturers of billiard and snooker cues
the highest quality components in the industry!